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Witstech Launches Apcsilmic: Manufacturer of Dot 1 Mini PC


Witstech Launches Apcsilmic: Manufacturer of Dot 1 Mini PC

Witstech has been manufacturing intelligent hardware and software solutions for 8+ years in partnership with well-known brands like Qualcomm. In Feb 2022, we took a leap forward in the realm of innovation and launched a new brand Apcsilmic. Apcsilmic is a subsidiary of Witstech and is a manufacturer of ultra-portable, energy-efficient mini PCs. Dot 1 Mini PC by Apcsilmic is an ultra-compact, portable desktop computer that can be used to power various businesses and industries. 

Why should one choose Dot 1 Mini for their business? Due to its outstanding features.

Smallest ARM-based Windows Mini PC

Dot 1 Mini PC is the smallest ARM-based Windows Mini PC in the market. In partnership with Microsoft and Qualcomm, Apcsilmic has provided its users with ultra-compact mini PCs that feature activated Windows 11 pro. With a Qualcomm Snapdragon Chip, running Windows on ARM is a smooth sail.

Most Energy-efficient Windows Mini PC

For too long, the mini PC market was swamped with power-hungry, over-heating devices. Dot 1 Mini PC was a game-changer as it was highly energy-efficient as compared to other mini PCs. Dot 1 Mini PC only needs 5 watts of power which makes it the most energy-efficient Windows mini PC.

Connectivity Like Never Before

Dot 1 Mini PC took connectivity to the next level with its 4G Network support. Staying connected to the internet is not an option in today’s digital world. While Wi-fi fulfills that need wonderfully, it can sometimes leave you high and dry with no connectivity. Dot 1 efficiently presented a solution to the problem with Wi-fi support as well as 4G Network support.

Less Noise Means More Work

A noisy device is the worst enemy of productivity. While your employees engage in a brainstorming session and try to concentrate and work efficiently, noisy fans can really throw all the efforts down the drain. Dot 1 Mini PC is a fanless, quiet system that not only keeps the device cool but can also improve the daily workflow of your business in the long run.  


Dot 1 Mini PC is just one of the products that we offer to businesses worldwide. With our customized software and hardware solutions, we not only fulfill the specific requirements of businesses but also deliver more and contribute to their growth. We believe in serving our clients with integrity and dedication by providing them with high-quality, innovative solutions.

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