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Smart Handheld Terminals

Smart handheld terminals are extensively being used in various industries such as logistics, warehousing, smart healthcare, retail, finance, etc. We have launched a variety of industrial-grade smart handheld hardware and software PCBA solutions. These smart handheld terminals fitted with up-to-date technologies such as barcode scanning and RFID scanning make robust data collection and data capture possible. Witstech has worked with the leading providers of data collection products such as Chainway to provide high-quality and high-performance digital handheld terminal solutions to end-users. 

Smart Education Terminals

The uneven distribution of educational resources has created a growing demand for high quality education. Based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon platform’s unrelenting connectivity, powerful processing capabilities and excellent hardware and software stability, Yuancheng Technology has launched LTE and WIFI versions of educational tablets and children’s watches to help make education live and equitable.