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M620 Smart Module Enables Wireless Smart Product Development


M620 Smart Module Enables Wireless Smart Product Development

Witstech has newly launched the M620 smart module, which has been warmly welcomed by the market. The smart module based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 (SM6115) platform design, support for multiple input and output technology (MIMO), integrated with a wealth of interfaces: such as MIPI/ USB/ UART/ SPI/ I2C and other kinds of expansion interface. 

The module size is only 41mmx41mmx2.8mm and adopts LCC+LGA package, which greatly expands its application in the M2M field, and it is the outstanding global wireless smart product core system solution.

M620 Parameters

Designed with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 at its core, the M620 smart module delivers powerful performance from its high-computing power CPU and high-performance GPU to fully satisfy customer demand for high-speed and multimedia features in industrial and consumer applications.

High Performance

Network Transmission

Precise Positioning


Operating Temperature

M620 Application Scenarios

M620 smart module can be embedded in all kinds of M2M product applications, suitable for the development of smart POS, cash registers, tax control machines, robots, drones, smart home, smart wearable, security monitoring, multimedia terminals, intelligent intercom devices, high-end police or law enforcement equipment, intelligent hardware, intelligent vehicle-mounted devices, high-end information collection devices, industrial intelligent handheld devices, logistics cabinets and other equipment and industries.

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