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Into the world of parts – Philips takes you to the real sound!


Into the world of parts – Philips takes you to the real sound!

PCBA (Printed Circuit Board +Assembly for short): PCB printed circuit board after SMT chip on the piece, and then after the DIP plug-in the whole process, referred to as PCBA. printed circuit board (PCB), is an important electronic components, is the support body of electronic components, is the provider of electronic components line connection. As it is made using electronic printing technology, it is called a “printed” circuit board. The design of a printed circuit board is based on an electronic circuit diagram, which is used to achieve the functions required by the user of the circuit. The design of a printed circuit board is primarily a layout design, which requires various factors such as internal electronic components, metal connections, layout of vias and external connections, electromagnetic protection, thermal dissipation, crosstalk and so on.

The secret to the operation of machinery is the result of the joint coordination of every elemental component. The performance of machines and equipment depends on the craftsman’s wisdom and the materials used in the process of PCBA.

With more and more high-end electronic devices taking the world by storm, PCBA is a small, sophisticated thing that is affecting each and every one of us. Touch panels, smartphones, computers, e-books, digital cameras, LCD TVs, LED lighting and other 3C electronic products are the main application areas of PCBA.

The PCBA board of the Philips Smart Car Infotainment system is the size of the palm of your hand and weighs around 136g, while the circuit diagram design of this board, which is lighter than a mobile phone device, has around 2725 nodes, over 1129 components and more than 4887 solder points that require testing or validation.

Philips, one of the world’s top 500 brands, is always committed to applying innovative technology to people’s lives. The Philips Smart Car Infotainment System (CID6680 Premium) continues Philips’ 80 years of classical and innovative sound engineering and strengthens the technical support for the sound quality part of the Smart Car Infotainment System.

Of course, the calm and mellow, natural and pure penetrating sound performance of the Philips CID6680 Premium is the result of the PCBA’s artistic wiring design and quality component materials.

Dismantling the components and entering the world of tiny parts, the real sound is broken down into individual components and a sense of wonder bursts forth. So, follow closely the introduction of the components on the PCBA board and discover the true sound of Philips.


“High Capacity Electrolytic Capacitors” A true sound experience

Capacitance is a big deal, and when it comes to capacitors, the variety of names makes people dizzy enough. Bypass capacitors, decoupling capacitors, filter capacitors and so on, but no matter what they are called, the principle is the same: they present low resistance to the AC signal. The effect on the sound is in the form of low resistance to the original sound.

Capacitance varies from capacitor to capacitor. Within a certain range, the larger the capacitance, the better it is able to adapt to changes in the strength of the sound and to meet the dynamic requirements of various sounds.

The Philips CID6680 Premium uses high-capacity electrolytic capacitors that are tens to hundreds of times larger than other types of capacitors. With a capacitance of up to 4700 uF, the higher the capacitance, the better the filtering and optimisation of the sound band, the flatter the frequency response curve obtained and the more favourable the bass. This ensures that the high frequencies are bright and not distorted, and the low frequencies are thick and not dull and muddy.

The Big Capacitor Life: The more energy we store as we grow up, the smoother the path of life will be (ahem!) Inspirational)

“Choke” Bringing you the real sound

The choke coil is shown as a coil in the circuit version.

There are many different opinions on the effect of chokes on the sound. Some people say that the effect is not audible, others say that the sound varies greatly. In fact, it depends on the presence or absence of filtering in the current.

The choke is not only a filtering and purifying element in the overall circuit, it is also an important circuit for the real sound. If there is a lot of filtering in the current and it is messy, the output of the device will sound very different after passing through different chokes. The choke has a ferrite core and a copper coil. Different shapes of cores, inductance sizes, copper coil wire sizes and the number of coils wound can all make a difference to the filtering effect and the sound played.

The Philips CID6680 Premium Edition uses a ferrite toroidal core with an inductance of up to 50UH, a current of 15A, a copper coil of 1.1mm and 31 turns of winding. Compared to ferrite lumpy cores and ordinary 0.9mm wire size chokes, the filtering and purification capability is stronger and the device presents a more surging sound effect with rich musical details, clear layers and clear music.

The choke circle life: properly filtered, less cumbersome, more clear, more simple and relaxed, clear and wise, friendly and pure, as Hölderlin said “poetically inhabiting the earth”.

“High Fidelity DSP” Bringing you the real sound

The DSP chip was born out of necessity. DSP chips are fast and powerful microprocessors that are unique in their ability to make instantaneous processing of digital information. Since the 1970s, DSP chips have evolved into their 6th generation, with high speed, flexibility, programmability, low power consumption and other properties, and are extremely fast at processing speech.

The Philips CID6680 uses the sixth generation DSP chip – HiFi DSP, whose EQ equaliser can reach 12 bands, compared to the general audio equipment only 10 bands EQ, which has 8 sound presets x 24 variations, which enhances the processing ability of high efficiency and high quality noise elimination before and after the voice, there will be no “rustling” or “rustling” during the listening process. “The HiFi DSP also features 8 sound presets with 24 variations.

In addition, this HiFi DSP can also achieve sound compensation, during the driving process, due to different driving speed and state, the sound can not be achieved quickly synchronised. The HiFi DSP is able to quickly compensate for the sound, so that anywhere in the car, the original sound can be reproduced.

HiFi DSP Life. Power your own processing power, keep up with the times and iterate.

“Audio Amplifier” Bringing you the real sound

In the old days, a radio in flared trousers with an enthusiastic dance tune in hand would attract countless admiring glances wherever you went. The sound quality of a radio has an important influence on the success of a radio design. The audio amplifier plays a pivotal role in the quality of the sound reproduction.

Audio amplifiers have evolved to the point where they still have an important impact on electronic devices with sound capabilities. The Philips CID6680 Premium Edition chooses a Class AB analogue audio amplifier with high amplifier efficiency, low power consumption of the amplifier transistors, good heat dissipation and low sound distortion.

Audio Amplifier Life. By inflating your life’s pattern. Your entire life’s future will be incredible.

Of course, the Philips CID6618 Premium true sound is the result of quality circuit design and thousands of components that work individually and in conjunction with each other. The components that affect the real sound will also be introduced as ‘Power Filter Inductor’ and ‘Audio Codec’. To be continued…

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