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Entering the World of Components | Philips Takes You to Experience True Sound!


Entering the World of Components | Philips Takes You to Experience True Sound!

【PCBA (Printed Circuit Board + Assembly)】: PCBA refers to the complete process of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) after Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and through Hole Technology (DIP) assembly. PCB, an important electronic component, serves as a support for electronic components and a provider of circuit connections. As it is produced using electronic printing technology, it is called “printed” circuit board. The design of printed circuit boards is based on electronic circuit diagrams to achieve the necessary circuit functions for users. The design mainly includes layout design of the board, layout of internal electronic components, metal wires, through holes and external connections, electromagnetic protection, heat dissipation, crosstalk and other factors.

The secret of machinery operation is the result of the coordination of every component. The performance of the machinery depends on the craftsmanship and process materials of PCBA.

As more and more high-end electronic devices become popular worldwide, PCBA, this precise little thing, affects every one of us. Touch panels, smartphones, computers, e-books, digital cameras, LCD TVs, LED lighting, and other 3C electronic products are the main application areas of PCBA. 

The PCBA circuit board of the Philips Intelligent In-Vehicle Information Entertainment System is only the size of the palm and weighs about 136g. This circuit board, which is lighter than a mobile device, has approximately 2725 nodes, more than 1129 components, and more than 4887 welding points that require testing or confirmation.

As one of the Fortune 500 brands, Philips has always been committed to applying innovative technologies to people’s lives. The Philips Intelligent In-Vehicle Information Entertainment System (CID6680 Exclusive Edition) continues Philips’ classics and innovation in sound engineering for over 80 years and enhances the technical support of the sound quality part in the intelligent in-vehicle information entertainment system.

The calm and natural sound quality performance of the Philips CID6680 Exclusive Edition, which is penetrating and pure, is the result of the artistic circuit design and high-quality component materials of PCBA.

Disassembling components and entering the world of small parts, real sound will be broken down into individual components, and amazing feelings will burst forth. Then, following the introduction of the components on the PCBA circuit board, we can explore the true sound of Philips.

Large Capacitance Electrolytic Capacitors

Take You to Experience True Sound

Capacitors are a big deal, and there are all kinds of names that make people dizzy. Decoupling capacitors, bypass capacitors, filtering capacitors, and so on, but no matter how they are called, their principle is the same, which is to present low resistance to the AC signal. In terms of the impact on sound, it manifests as low resistance to the original sound.

Different capacitors have different capacitance. Within a certain range, the larger the capacitance of the capacitor, the better it can adapt to the strong and weak changes in sound and meet the dynamic requirements of various sounds.

The Philips CID6680 Exclusive Edition uses large-capacity electrolytic capacitors, which are dozens to hundreds of times larger than other types of capacitors. Its capacity can reach 4700 uF. The larger the capacitance is, the better the filtering and optimization of the sound frequency band will be, and the flatter the obtained frequency response curve will be, which is more advantageous for low-frequency sound. This ensures that the high-frequency part has bright and undistorted timbre, and the low-frequency part has rich and not dull or murky timbre.

The life of large capacitors: the more energy they store, the smoother the path of life will be. (Well, inspiring!)

Choke coil

Take You to Experience True Sound

In the circuit board, the coil-like component displayed is the choke coil.

The impact of choke coils on sound has always been debated. Some people say they can’t hear the difference, while others say the difference in sound is significant. In fact, this depends on whether there is filtering in the current.

Choke coils not only serve as filters to purify the current but also an important circuit for true sound. If there is a lot of messy filtering in the current, the sound output of the equipment after passing through different choke coils will be different. Choke coils are composed of ferrite magnetic cores and copper coils. Different shapes of magnetic cores, inductance levels, copper wire diameters, and winding turns will affect the filtering effect and playback.

The Philips CID6680 Exclusive Edition uses ferrite toroidal magnetic cores, with an inductance level of up to 50UH, a current of 15A, a copper wire diameter of 1.1mm, and 31 winding turns. Compared with choke coils using ferrite block-shaped magnetic cores and ordinary 0.9mm wire diameter, it has stronger filtering and purification capabilities, presenting more powerful sound effects and richer music details, clear layers, and clear and moving music.

The life of choke coils: proper filtering, less disturbance, more peace, simpler and easier, clear and wise, friendly and pure, like what Hölderlin said, "Poetically dwelling on earth."


Takes You to Experience True Sound

 The advent of DSP chips is in response to the needs of the times. DSP chips are a fast and powerful microprocessor that can instantly process digital information. Since the 1970s, DSP chips have developed to the sixth generation. They have high speed, flexibility, programmability, and low power consumption, and are extremely useful for speech processing.

The Philips CID6680 Exclusive Edition features the 6th generation DSP chip – HiFi DSP, with a 12-segment EQ equalizer, compared to the usual 10-segment EQ found in general audio equipment. It has 8 sound presets with 24 variations, enhancing its high-efficiency and high-quality ability to cancel front and rear noise during voice playback, without generating “shh” or “sizzle” sounds during playback.

In addition, this HiFi DSP can also achieve sound compensation. During driving, due to different driving speeds and conditions, the sound cannot achieve fast synchronization. HiFi DSP can quickly compensate for sound, allowing any position in the car to reproduce the original sound.

Hi-Fi DSP life:
empower oneself with processing capability, keep up with the times, and keep iterating.

Audio Power Amplifiers

Take You to Experience True Sound.

In the past, wearing bell-bottom pants, holding a portable radio while dancing to passionate music would attract countless envious glances no matter where you went. The quality of a radio’s sound has an important impact on its design success. The audio power amplifier plays a crucial role in restoring sound quality.

Today, audio power amplifiers still have a significant impact on electronic devices with sound functions. The Philips CID6680 Exclusive Edition chooses an AB-class analog audio power amplifier with high efficiency, low power consumption for the power amplifier’s transistor, good thermal dissipation, and low sound distortion.

The life of an audio power amplifier:

infinitely magnifying your life's horizon, making your entire future unimaginable.

Of course, the true sound of the Philips CID6618 Exclusive Edition is the result of high-quality circuit design, thousands of components working together, and cooperating with each other. Other components affecting true sound will also be introduced, such as “power filter inductor” and “audio codec.” To be continued…

Statement: This article is reprinted from “Philips Navigation and Audio System”. Please contact us for deletion if there is any infringement.

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