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is a global supplier of customized motherboards/PCBA, software and hardware solutions, and smart terminals for various commercial applications. We have been manufacturing and selling a wide range of state-of-the-art technologies worldwide since 2014. Witstech has strategically partnered with various industry leaders such as Qualcomm, Raymarine, Kone etc.

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Years Of Experience


Our vision is to provide high-quality products and solutions and become a first-class supplier in the industry.


Enriching the lives of people with intelligent products and building an intelligent world with everyone connected.

Witstech is headquartered in Futian District, Shenzhen. We have set up an R&D center along with our manufacturing facility in Eastern China.

Our team consists of international and local talents who have studied in prestigious international universities and worked in large international technology enterprises. Witstech has a strong base in R&D, we have also applied for various patents. The company is a state-level high-tech enterprise and a key strategic emerging enterprise supported by Shenzhen Government.
The company enjoys a good reputation in domestic and international markets and is committed to providing global customers with competitive, innovative, and leading solutions. We are committed to making the best use of science, technology, the internet, and highly skilled talents from across the globe to contribute to the related industries and bring more value to our customers.

Core Values


You don't just have to trust our products to be secure; you must trust us. So we operate with the utmost integrity and transparency.


We thrive on innovation, collaboration, and creativity. Not only because it helps us build better products, but because it makes our team happy and fulfilled.

Team Work

We believe that teamwork is the best way to achieve your goals. We want to hear your ideas and share ours so that we can all make great products together.

Customer First

Everyone who works at Witstech is encouraged to put the customer first. This is our way of emphasizing that the customer comes first and that the company is willing to invest in giving customers an experience that they will remember.

We Value Your Ideas

We believe that you have great ideas, and we want to hear them. Our projects are collaborative, and we strive to maintain an open and supportive environment where everyone is encouraged to share their thoughts.

Brand Story

Connection and convenience together have inspired many inventions. Technology has long been put to use to erase physical distances between people and make their lives easier. A concept as simple as that has been the inspiration of our founders.
Our founders met in college as students of Computer Science and Technology. While working on a project together related to IoT, they found themselves taking a keen interest in the topic and its practical applications. The advent of technology eliminated the gap between human beings but it is altogether more fascinating when the objects are connected with each other. A dream was ignited to pursue the passion further.
This passion only intensified with the increase in knowledge. After having the doctorates, our founders united to turn their vision into reality. Witstech was founded in 2014 to provide high-quality, smart solutions to end-users and build a foundation for a smart life. 
A highly qualified staff, backed by the scientific and technical expertise of our founders, catapulted us into the realms of success. Driven by our passion, we have been unstoppable since then.
Since 2014, we have unlocked one milestone after another. In 2015, we entered the field of intelligent logistics and became the mainstream supplier of intelligent terminals. Witstech was awarded the title of national high-tech enterprise in 2016. We have taken a leading position in the field of the automotive intelligent cockpit. We have built successful partnerships with some of the biggest international companies such as Qualcomm, Kone, Kaba, and others. 
We believe that intelligent products are the future of a smart and connected world and we are here to play our part!