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2023 Annual Group Building Activity in Yingde of Witstech


2023 Annual Group Building Activity in Yingde of Witstech

On June 10, 2023, in order to thank all colleagues for their unremitting efforts for the development of the company, enhance staff emotion and team cohesion, the company organized all staff to spend a happy and enjoyable weekend holiday in Yingde.

The light-ink landscape of Jiulong Town, the sky and clouds, the reflection of the peaks and forests, like swimming in a painting; gorgeous and colorful Baojing Palace, a thousand postures, a spectacle, suspected of fairyland fans. At night, the open-air hot spring built by the mountain, the camping barbecue covered by starlight, everywhere and every time, leaving colleagues’ good memories.

The two days of group building activities, we gathered together, a relaxed team atmosphere to relieve the pressure of work, enrich the spare time, enhance the understanding between colleagues, enhance the tacit understanding between the team, to create a more cohesive and excellent team.

May the sunshine be warm and live up to the time; may the future be bright and promising!

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