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Building Intelligent Lives with Intelligent Products
Securing your lives with smart security solutions such as face recognition in access control, and door intercoms, face recognition in payment terminals and so on.
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Smart handheld and industrial terminals
Smart terminals are equipped with updated technology to be used in various industries.
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Delivering an immersive in-vehicle experience
Delivering an immersive in-vehicle experience with intelligent in-vehicle infotainment systems in partnership with Qualcomm
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WITSTEK is Making 5G a Reality
We are excited to bring cutting edge 5G loaded products for enhanced connectivity and reliability.
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Welcome To Witstech

Shenzhen Witstech Co. Ltd.

is a global supplier of customized motherboards/PCBA, software and hardware solutions, and smart terminals for various commercial applications. We have been manufacturing and selling a wide range of state-of-the-art technologies worldwide since 2014. Witstech has strategically partnered with various industry leaders such as Qualcomm, Raymarine, Kone etc.

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Years Of Experience

Our Products

Smart Solutions

Delivering intelligent hardware and software in partnership with industry leaders

Smart Industrial Terminals

Artificial Intelligence technology has transformed industries. We provide smart security solutions such as face recognition in access control and door intercoms, face recognition in payment terminals, and so on.

Smart Handheld Terminals

Smart handheld terminals are extensively being used in various industries such as logistics, warehousing, smart healthcare, retail, finance, etc. We have launched a variety of industrial-grade smart handheld hardware and software PCBA solutions.

Intelligent In-vehicle Infotainment System

Our 8+ years of experience in designing and developing hardware and software infotainment solutions has enabled us to transform the user experience. In keeping with the increasing trend of vehicle connectivity, artificial intelligence, V2V, and V2I technology.

5G Supported Devices

Because of our continuous investment in R&D, the journey towards excellence and innovation never stops at Witstech. We have been offering 4G network coverage in our products for years. Now, we are paving the way for a faster and more connected world by turning 5G into reality.

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Company Strengths

We Are Known For

Hardware Solutions

Developing waterproof and dustproof hardware that can withstand the test of harsh temperatures gives us a competitive advantage. With a strategic partnership with Qualcomm, we develop customized hardware and software solutions that operate seamlessly.

Software Solutions

We have developed software for leading IoT companies such as Chainway. We also offer customized software development for businesses to boost productivity and efficiency with tailor-made software solutions.

R&D Capabilities

We are certified in project management for managing R&D projects. Over time, we have expanded our R&D workforce and capabilities to continually innovate and develop new products. Our dedicated in-house experts allow us to gain a competitive edge and grow.

Supply Chain

We pride ourselves on having good business relationships with some of the top global electronics distributors such as ARROW and AVNET. The global reach of these brands helps us in maintaining a robust and reliable supply chain and achieving high customer satisfaction. In partnership with the brands like Texas Instruments and Qualcomm, we strive toward supply chain sustainability.

Manufacturing at Witstech

Our manufacturing base is located in the central area of Shenzhen with an area of more than 1000 square meters. We have 10 SMT production lines and 10 assembly lines for the assembly and testing of PCBA. With over 1200+ employees, our workforce is full of skilled, qualified, and motivated individuals that contribute to the sustainable growth of Witstech.

Quality Control

Our reliable quality assurance team ensures that all the products fulfill quality standards. By integrating MES and ERP systems, we improve operational efficiency by identifying problems quickly and mitigating the risk. The ISO certification is a testament to our quality control system. We improve the business performance with the high visibility and connectivity offered by MES and ERP.

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M720 | New Product, New Smart Module!

M720 is a multi-network GSM smart module launched by Witstech, designed based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 (SM6225) platform, presenting a

The M700 Smart Module is re-released!

M700 is a new smart module launched by Witstech, which is designed based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 (SM6225) platform. M700

Leaders from Southeast University visit Witstech

On the afternoon of July 23, 2023, Mr. Zhou Ping, Vice Dean of School of Biomedical Engineering of Southeast University, and